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How Employers Benefit from Employee Health Screenings

employee health screening

Have you ever hired someone for a position only to find out weeks later that they’re not fit for the role? It could their physical or mental aptitude. It happens to numerous employers. Seeing the potential is one thing, having the proof is another.

The Role of Employee Health Screenings

With an employee health screening, employers are able to check and test for numerous health capabilities and/or risks for potential hires. They can also be used as a way of testing current employers’ health and medical needs. Intensive and labor-heavy jobs are not meant for everyone. For example, through an employee health screening such as a physical, you can discover an individual’s fitness level, which will determine if he or she is capable of performing certain tasks. A health screening can also extend to testing a person’s vision and hearing.

Who Benefits?

In short, everyone. An employee health screening whether it be a physical, drug & alcohol test, impairment rating, or blood work, can provide employers and employees the answers they need to know where they stand from a health perspective.

As an employer, finding the right individual for the job makes sense from a financial perspective. Why spend time and resources training someone who will eventually leave because he or she isn’t capable of performing the role? As an employee, it makes sense for you as well. If you’re not able to comfortably or adequately perform a task, your mental health and/or psychical health will certainly suffer.

Here’s how the two parties benefit:

Benefits for the employer:

  • Greater satisfaction
  • Longer time spent with the company
  • Better performance
  • Improved mental health

Benefits for the company:

  • A better match for the role
  • Great work performance and increased productivity
  • Employee loyalty
  • Lower turnover
  • Better teamwork

Contact WorkMed Occupational Health to Learn More

WorkMed Occupational Health provides the answers employers and employees need to feel secure. Our services include a range of physicals, drug & alcohol testing, impairment ratings, independent medical exams, and in-house lab work. Connect with us today to learn more!  

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