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What Does a DOT Physical Entail?

If you’re looking to obtain your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), there are a series of steps you’ll have to take in order to do so, including receiving a DOT physical. DOT physicals are mandated by the Department of Transportation in order to ensure that aspiring commercial truck drivers are physically fit for the job, helping […]

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Why Might I Need Physical Rehabilitation Following an Accident at Work?

If you were injured in a work-related accident, you know that, just like any other kind of accident, there’s a process you must follow in order to ensure you’re on the right track to healing. A part of this process may include physical rehabilitation. WorkMed Occupational Health is an occupational medicine clinic in Las Cruces, […]

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What Happens During a Drug Screening?

  Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you’re familiar with the commonness and importance of drug screenings. Employers often require their employees to undergo drug screenings to help minimize work-related accidents and other unwanted incidents from happening to their employees at work. Here’s everything you need to know about drug screenings whether you’re an […]

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What do DOT Physicals Entail?

If you’re looking to begin a career as a commercial truck driver, you’ll need to complete a series of steps in order to obtain your commercial driver’s license and start your new career. One of these steps is to receive a DOT physical. This is what this kind of physical entails. 1. You’ll Be Given […]

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What Are Impairment Ratings and Why Are They Important?

Work-related injuries can overhaul our lives. From the loss of work time to long recovery periods, accidents that happen at work can have huge repercussions. If you’ve been involved in a work accident and have recovered to a reasonable point, you’ll most likely be asked to receive an impairment rating evaluation. Impairment ratings are significant […]

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